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With the fierce international competition, the IC giants in order to maintain their own brand characteristics, the chip design is becoming more and more complex. At the same time, in order to prevent unauthorized access or copy of MCU programs, enterprises have strengthened the chip encryption design to protect on-chip programs. It is more and more important for MCU attackers to decrypt difficult chips. However, the strong market demand did not stop the progress of the decryption work. On the contrary, it played a promoting role to a certain extent and stimulated the innovation enthusiasm of IC decryption engineers. In China, IC decryption is gradually promoting the transformation of Chinese chips from processing to independent research and development through reverse research and innovative design.

In the international chip market, Chinese OEM products account for a large proportion. Because the proportion of chip processing far exceeds the proportion of R & D and manufacturing, and the chip volume is small, the number of orders is large, to complete the task in a short time also brings a big problem to our chip processing companies. At this time, IC decryption plays a key role. Shenzhen Sichi Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional chip decryption company in China, with a group of senior professional software and hardware R & D engineers and reverse research engineers, focusing on the research of chip reverse technology. To provide professional chip decryption, IC decryption, SCM decryption, PLD chip decryption, SpLD chip decryption, FPGA / CPLD chip decryption and other services for electronic enterprises.

Although the core technology, key equipment and key raw materials of China’s chip manufacturing have been imported for a long time, almost all domestic chip manufacturing enterprises are OEM, with weak independent innovation ability, and relatively few companies with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands. But through IC decryption, we can not only know the latest technology at home and abroad in time, absorb and digest it for our own use, but also help enterprises avoid detours in the process of innovative technology research and development, shorten the research and development cycle, and make the products come to the market as soon as possible to compete with international brands.

China’s chip industry is facing the transition from processing to independent research and development. As we already know, China’s chip technology is backward and its self-made ability is not strong. Even if there are special R & D institutions, they can not meet the development speed of science and technology and people’s needs. Since forward research can not achieve good results, we should use chip decryption, reverse break through technical barriers, and then do innovation and development, integrate cash technology into our own design, and improve independent research. Relying on the reverse technology research authority, sitch Technology Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in completing thousands of difficult IC decryption work, and has accumulated rich development experience in the field of MCU / CPLD / SpLD / PLD chip decryption technology. In order to make the company embark on the road of sustainable development, think Chi pays attention to innovation and R & D, not only introduces advanced technology and equipment, but also cultivates a group of excellent chip decryption engineers. We not only manage our employees strictly and pay attention to details, but also organize them to study regularly and follow up the development of advanced technology. In line with the concept of starting from customers, we provide customers with one-stop service and personalized chip innovation and improvement.

Post time: Mar-29-2021