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Recently, China Unicom and Huawei announced that they have reached a consensus on cooperation in the two innovation fields of “5g” and “Internet of things”, which will give full play to their business innovation advantages in their respective fields and promote the application and development of new generation network technology of Internet of things in China. Shenzhen PCB industry said that the Internet of things is experiencing upgrading from hardware and other basic equipment to software platform and vertical industry applications. With the introduction of relevant technical standards, it will usher in huge new opportunities for development.

According to the analysis of Shenzhen PCB industry, Nb IOT is an emerging technology in the field of Internet of things, which can support the efficient connection of low-power devices in Wan cellular data. At the recently held 2016 world mobile communication conference, domestic mobile communication enterprises have indicated that they will use NB IOT technology to open up new market space and provide comprehensive technical and commercial support for the upcoming large-scale business of IOT.

According to the industry report, most of the things to things connections are carried by Bluetooth, WiFi and other short-range communication technologies, while the real thing to thing connections on mobile networks only account for 6% of the total number of connections, which means that nb-iot has entered into commercial operation, and the breakthrough of the bottleneck may drive the rapid growth of related industries.

As a new application in the communication industry, under the trend of Internet of things, the market scale of Internet of things will be further expanded. The reverse engineer of szech technology, a PCB copying company in Shenzhen, said that the layout of the Internet of things in the application end will be first reflected in the sensor and instrument products. Therefore, PCB copying based on reverse technology will become an important means for the steady and rapid development of the sensor market of the Internet of things.

Recently, breakthrough progress has been made in the forward and reverse R & D of Shenzhen PCB board copying technology in the Internet of things, and it will provide a complete secondary development service scheme in the innovative applications of automotive electronics and communication electronics, medical, security, environmental monitoring, smart grid and other fields, so as to meet more development needs of domestic high-tech enterprises.

Post time: Apr-02-2021