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After rapid development in recent years, Shenzhen has become one of the cities with the largest application scale of new energy vehicles in China. The existing charging piles can not meet the demand, so it is planned to build charging piles on a large scale. Shenzhen PCB industry said that the rapid development of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen will bring new challenges and opportunities to the charging pile industry.

According to the person in charge of energy saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and promotion of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, at the end of May 2016, the number of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen has reached 46224. In order to meet the use of these vehicles, we are vigorously promoting the construction of charging facilities, including 1832 bus fast charging piles, 2365 public fast charging piles, and 19232 public parking lots.

However, these charging facilities are still unable to meet the daily charging needs of new energy vehicles. The charging piles, charging guns, power modules and other products of many high-tech enterprises are launched one after another, which will provide strong support for the promotion of new energy vehicles. According to the newly revised five national standards including electric vehicle charging interface and communication protocol, the requirements for safety and compatibility of charging facilities will be raised again, the PCB industry in Shenzhen said.

It can be seen that Shenzhen charging facilities enterprises need to continue to speed up the upgrading of their products in order to gain a firm foothold in the rapid development of new energy and seize the market share. According to the industry of PCB copying and changing board in Shenzhen, the PCB copying and changing board based on reverse R & D will be the most convenient means for Shenzhen’s charging facilities to connect with the international advanced level. On the basis of meeting the new national standard of charging facilities, it will improve the charging efficiency and provide more convenient and reliable charging supply for new energy vehicles in Shenzhen.

Post time: Apr-06-2021