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“In 2014, President Xi Jinping once said that the localization of medical equipment is imperative. We must accelerate the localization process of high-end medical equipment, reduce costs through technological innovation, and promote the continuous development of local enterprises. In 2015, the “made in China 2025″ also included domestic high-end medical equipment into strategic tasks and priorities, and made every effort to promote the localization of medical equipment and accelerate development. “Liu Gong, a senior engineer at Shenzhen Sichi technology, said.

Under the promotion of the policy dividend released by the state, the domestic medical device manufacturers have entered a critical year to complete the import substitution. In 2016, the three major multinational medical devices companies remained the biggest competitors. The State encourages the localization of medical devices as an inevitable choice for the import substitution tide.

GPS (GE, Philips, Siemens), the three international medical devices giants, has missed the 76th CMEF (China International Medical Equipment Autumn Fair) for the first time, which caused a great sensation in the circle.

However, the development of things has advantages and disadvantages. If Miri, Lianying and dongsoft are the epitome of the domestic 300billion medical equipment market, the alternative war is not so good under the “localization” strategy of fierce momentum of multinational enterprises. The road of localization is still a long way to go. It is difficult to compete with GPS positively. It needs some differentiated methods to pursue specific market share.

CMEF is a big event in the industry, and it is not a small matter that GPS collective absence. When the reporter visited the 76th CMEF some time ago, it was found that the exhibitors replaced the three giants with the domestic medical equipment leaders mainly including Lianying, Mirui and dongsoft as the main force. “This means that domestic high-end medical devices are emerging and import substitution is coming,” said Liu Gong of Sichi technology. ”

Since its establishment, Shenzhen Sichi technology has been focusing on the reverse technology research and secondary development of high-end medical equipment, providing a full life-cycle technical solution for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprise customers. Driven by the frequent release of policy dividends, Sichi technology will accelerate the research and development of high-end medical equipment, and promote the localization of high-end digital diagnosis and treatment equipment.

Post time: Mar-29-2021