Shenzhen Sichi technology, a professional PCB copying company, has rich experience in PCB copying technology. The following is a summary of the factors that may cause short circuit obstacles in the process of PCB copying:


1、 PCB short circuit caused by tin leakage


1. Improper operation in the water tank of film stripping agent causes tin leakage;


2. The stripping plates are superimposed to cause tin leakage.


2、 PCB short circuit caused by unclean etching


1. The quality of etching is directly affected by the control of etchant parameters.


3、 Visual PCB micro short circuit


1. Micro short circuit caused by scratch of Mylar film on exposure machine;


2. Micro short circuit caused by scratch of glass on exposure panel.


4、 Short circuit of PCB with film


1. If the anti coating layer is too thin, because the coating exceeds the film thickness, the film will be sandwiched. Especially, the smaller the wire spacing is, the easier the short circuit of the film will be.


2. The pattern distribution of the board is not uniform. In the process of pattern electroplating, due to the high potential, the coating exceeds the film thickness, forming a pinch film and causing a short circuit.


5、 Invisible PCB micro short circuit


For our company, invisible micro short circuit is the problem that has been bothering us for the longest time and has been the most difficult to solve. About 50% of the finished boards with problems in the test belong to this kind of micro short circuit problem. The main reason is that there are wires or metal particles invisible to the naked eye in the wire spacing.


6、 Fixed position PCB short circuit


The main reason is that the film line is scratched or the coated screen is blocked by garbage, and the fixed position of the coated coating is exposed to copper, resulting in short circuit.


7、 Scratch PCB short circuit


1. Scratch after coating wet film and improper operation during alignment result in scratch on film surface.


2. The developer outlet plate is too busy, causing collision and scratch between plates.


3. Improper plate removal in electroplating, improper operation in upper splint, improper operation in manual line pretreatment, etc.


PCB copying process is a process that requires a lot of patience and care. Shenzhen sichi technology, even a professional PCB copying company, can not guarantee that there will be no mistakes in the PCB copying process. In addition to being careful, there is a set of feasible improvement methods. Shenzhen sichi technology will share the improvement methods of PCB copying process

Post time: Feb-01-2021