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  • What value does board copying bring to users?

    Someone once made the assumption that if the laptop research takes two years, and it takes two years for us to enter the research after the research abroad, then we can only sell foreign laptops in these two years. In this way, not only are our own notebooks four years later than those abroad, bu...
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  • High tech can not miss the continuation of PCB copy cloning What is pcb board cloning technology?

    The so-called pcb copy cloning, also known as circuit board copying, refers to the reverse analysis of the circuit board by means of reverse research and development technology on the premise that there are electronic products and circuit boards in kind, and the 1:1 restoration of the original pr...
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  • Fierce competition in mobile game market

    This year, the Singlechip decryption department announced that its Singlechip decryption global lighting technology has added large-scale dynamic lighting functions to open world games. The enhanced technology can effectively halve the performance cost of realizing dynamic global lighting effects...
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  • Three unique tactics for the successful decryption of Sichi IC

    Most people in China now attach great importance to localization rate. In fact, IC decryption must be applied to start localization. How can we make localization without any basic knowledge and core technology? It is well known that the localization rate is improved step by step. In fact, IC decr...
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  • Chip decryption technology, quickly introducing advanced technology

    In those years, the girls we chased were unforgettable. Similarly, the MP3, point and shoot cameras and other products we eagerly awaited in those years still recall a lot today. However, in recent years, electronic products have always presented surprise after surprise to the world. With the rap...
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  • Curved folding screen market is wide, flexible circuit board is ready for spring again

    Flexible screen, called OLED. Compared with the traditional screen, the flexible screen has obvious advantages. It is not only thinner in size, but also lower in power consumption than the original device, which helps to improve the endurance of the device. At the same time, based on its flexible...
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  • The Positive and Negative Study of PCB Copying Helps the “Chinese Dream”

    As we know, PCB imitation belongs to the research field of reverse engineering. It is a technical means to analyze the circuit board to achieve 1:1 reduction. It can be used in a wide range of fields. In foreign countries, PCB imitation is not uncommon. They just put this technology under the nam...
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  • PCB Reading Promotes the Speed Up of the Medical Device Era

    In today’s ever-changing era of medical devices, an important feature is the acceleration of their upgrading, which means that medical devices are also facing aging and obsolescence. As we all know, the individual size of China’s medical device industry is relatively small. The output...
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  • What is single chip computer disassembly

    1、 What are assembly and disassembly Engineers usually use assembly language or high-level language (C or C + +) to write single-chip computer programs. These program codes are called original codes. After the program is written, the files that can be burned into the ROM storage area of the sing...
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  • Anti interference measures of single chip microcomputer

    In order to solve the anti-interference problem of single-chip microcomputer, we must first find out the interference source, and then adopt the software and hardware technology of single-chip microcomputer. Interference sources mainly come from internal (external) power supply, self-made interfe...
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  • New decryption technology of single chip microcomputer for high speed railway equipment

    According to the understanding of the company, the high-speed train set involves many key technologies, including system integration, converter, motor, transformer, car body, traction braking system, train control, bogie, etc. In 2007, China’s high-speed railway was accused of spending a lo...
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  • The upgrading of domestic flat panel solar energy technology plays a crucial role

    Due to the late development of flat panel solar energy technology in China, we must admit that domestic technology is far from foreign technology. We should first learn to learn from and learn to lay a solid foundation. Many domestic small and medium-sized enterprises often take some relatively c...
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